Bill Todd, Partner with Axelrod Laliberte LLC Succeeds In Representing Clients In Election Law Disputes

Columbus, Ohio (August 2011) — Bill Todd, a partner with Axelrod Laliberte LLC, is pleased to announce two separate victories representing different clients in recent election law cases. Mr. Todd, who brings more than 30 years of experience to Axelrod Laliberte in areas of election law and campaign finance law, served as lead counsel for both clients.

In the first case, Bill represented the residents of Liberty Township before the Delaware County Board of Elections. He assisted the residents in preparing a petition to contest a township rezoning decision and to place the issue on the November 2011 ballot. The residents of Liberty Township believed that a proposed development on Route 315 would harm the neighborhood and the overall nature of the historic byway. At the Delaware County Board of Elections, Bill was successful in turning back a challenge to the petition filed by the project’s developer who wished to keep the issue from the voters.

In the second case, Bill represented Our Future Ohio, an independent Political Action Committee before the Ohio Elections Commission. He successfully defended Our Future Ohio against a complaint that the organization’s activities during the 2010 election cycle had been illegally coordinated. Had the challenge to Our Future Ohio been adopted, it would have established a precedent that would have hampered the ability of independent groups to actively participate in political debate. In the end, the Ohio Elections Commission dismissed the complaint against Our Future Ohio, citing that the complainants had failed to establish probable cause that a violation of Ohio’s elections laws took place.

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