Legislative & Regulatory

We represent businesses and individuals whose interests lie at the nexus of law, politics and public policy — to shape legislation and regulation, foster economic growth and promote their interests during the legislative and regulatory process. We assist clients in drafting legislation, ordinances, and amendments, and in preparing testimony and other submissions by clients, sponsors, witnesses, and advocates before various legislative and regulatory bodies. We also craft effective strategies to support, oppose or amend legislation, and advocate our client’s positions to lawmakers, staff and potential supporters.

Our regulatory experience includes representing businesses before federal, state and local regulators. We have defended investigations by the United States Securities Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, the Ohio Department of Insurance, the Ohio Division of Securities, state attorneys general and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), among others. Although we work with regulators to resolve our clients' issues sensibly, and to avoid litigation when possible, we manage every investigation with winning at trial as our ultimate objective.

Among our accomplishments:

  • Successfully lobbying the U.S. Department of Justice for more than $8 million in discretionary grant money for Ohio law enforcement agencies, resulting in the largest discretionary grant in the history of the Byrne Grant program;
  • Identifying more than $500,000 in available funding and obtaining Ohio Controlling Board approval to use those funds to combat illegal lending practices;
  • Facilitating implementation of legislation to grant a client a tax abatement worth more than $25 million for a transportation and warehousing project in eastern Ohio; and
  • Testifying multiple times on criminal justice issues, including before the United States Sentencing Commission and concerning Ohio sentencing law.

“We bring the best from both worlds — legal and consulting — to every client, every business situation worldwide.” David Axelrod
Axelrod, LLC