Political Law

We give candid, mission-critical advice to campaigns, candidates and others engaged in the political process. We navigate clients through the complexities of election law, campaign finance law and regulation, ethics rules, lobbying and disclosure requirements. We have extensive experience advising and litigating in these areas, both in and out of government.

We have served as senior political and policy advisors to federal, state and local campaigns and candidates, assisting them with strategy, tactics and fundraising. We have managed crisis and rapid response teams, crafted media strategy, and been the principal spokespersons for public officeholders. We excel at proactively identifying threats to our clients, mitigating and resolving them before they disrupt a campaign or tarnish a candidate’s image.

Our extensive experience in the political arena includes:

  • Serving as Senior Advisor to the Obama presidential campaign during the 2008 Ohio primary and general elections concerning election law and voting rights issues
  • Co-directing the Ohio Democratic Party's voter protection initiative as litigation director
  • Advising donors to campaigns and parties concerning campaign finance limitations
  • Analyzing risk associated with political advertisements, media strategy and campaign tactics
  • Crafting election-related litigation strategy
  • Directing campaign legal operations and coordinating with field staff on election day
  • Contributing to the Ohio Secretary of State's Voting Rights Summits concerning voter access issues

“We bring the best from both worlds — legal and consulting — to every client, every business situation worldwide.” David Axelrod
Axelrod, LLC